Bernhard Wagner


Bernhard plays the electric guitar and is co-founder and participator of various formations whose major topic is free improvisation. He attended courses in classical music and jazz for several years.

2004 he was invited to several international music festivals: Loopstock California/USA, Cambridge Loopfest UK, Y2K4 Santa Cruz/USA, Looper's Delight J Kobe/Japan. 2004 Tour in Japan: Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto and Australia: Melbourne, Sydney.


As a software engineer he develops live electronic systems (Cycling' 74 Max/MSP, C++), some of which have been presented at international conferences (Ex Machina 1996, Essen, Germany; ICMC 1997, Thessaloniki, Greece; Klangart 1997, Osnabrück, Germany. For a full list see:

Bernhard lives and works in Zürich as a musician, freelance software engineer, and lecturer in software engineering.



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